Hearing Tests

Hearing Assessment:

People undergo hearing assessments to determine if they have:

1)    Normal hearing

2)    Require a referral to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist

3)    Require Hearing Aid(s)

Before your assessment, you must have your ears checked for any wax problems at your GP surgery. If your ears are blocked with wax this will prevent us from examining your hearing properly and you will be referred back to your GP.

At your assessment we will ask you for a brief history of your hearing problems and how they affect you. We will also examine your ears before testing your hearing. During the test itself we ask you to listen to a variety of tones with headphones, some of these will be quite faint as we’re measuring the quietest sound you can hear. When you hear the sounds press the button to confirm.

 Once the test is finished we will explain the results to you. There are three possible outcomes:

·       Your hearing is normal

·       You require onward referral to an Ear, Nose and Throat Consultant

·       You would benefit from a hearing aid

Hearing Aid Advice

After your assessment, if a hearing aid is required the Audiologist is there to advise you and will take the appropriate action depending on your decision.

We may need to take an impression of your ears so that a customised ear mold can be made for you, if so this will usually take 4 weeks. 

Hearing Aid Fitting

At this appointment, we will fit your hearing aid, program it to match your type and degree of hearing loss and give you full instructions on how to use and control it. This advice will also be written down so you don’t have to remember everything straight away.

Follow-up appointment

We will phone you about 4 weeks after your aid(s) have been fitted to see how you are progressing and if necessary arrange an appointment to make any alterations required.

If you experience any difficulties before your follow-up then please get in touch straight away.

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