Express Diagnostics is registered with the Care Quality Commission and has pledged to deliver the highest quality services by our highly committed and fully trained staff. Our approach to quality is encompassed by two systems: BSEN ISO ISO 9001:2015 and ICH-GCP (Good Clinical Practice) and as such we have Standard Operating Procedures for every investigation conducted within the company. The Company pledges a commitment to quality assurance and the capability to safeguard and manage information effectively and confidentially.


We were originally registered with the Healthcare Commission from 14th Aug 2008 – Provider Identification Number  1-17401238


Our registration was then transferred to the CQC from 12th May 2009 – Provider Identification Number  1-17401238


Our current Registration commenced on the 1st October 2010 – Provider Identification Number is 1-101725392




 FS 45713


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